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The world's best optical Perimeter and Data Security research and demonstration facility 

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Real World

It's not a sterile, pristine facility built for testing and research.  It's a working heavy construction maintenance facility - if our systems work here, they can work almost anywhere.


Real Research

We have a variety of optical technologies in place to help us develop the best data and perimeter security solutions.  A weather station is on site to correlate weather conditions to system performance.


Real Integration

We test our integration with industry-leading security solutions in real-world scenarios, reducing installation time and cost.  We can stage and test integration with your existing systems, too.

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Data Security Appliances for the US Federal Government.  Used in Protective Distribution Systems (PDS) and long distance data security applications.

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Data Security Appliances for the commercial sector.  Used in Data Center and long distance data security applications.

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Perimeter Security Appliances for intrusion detection in fence and buried applications.  Used to detect intrusions on perimeters of all sizes.

Rock City is a Research and Demonstration facility created by Network Integrity Systems (NIS).  At NIS, we believe in testing our technology in the real world.  Our Rock City facility is a working construction and heavy equipment maintenance facility located near our headquarters in Hickory, NC.  This challenging environment is a great place to conduct the fundamental research, product testing, and demonstrations of our technology for our customers.

Located less than an hour from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), Rock City is easily accessible from anywhere in the United States.  

A typical in-person visit to our facility includes a needs assessment and solutions overview at our corporate headquarters, followed by a short drive to Rock City where you can see our solutions deployed in a real-world environment. 

Virtual guests will see everything that an in-person demonstration would include via a live-streamed feed showing not only simulated attacks on assets, but also the alarm-handling and response in real-time.

Just fill out the form to begin the process.  Our coordinator will contact you and handle all of the arrangements.  

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