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On-site Demonstrations

See all of our solutions in action and get hands-on demonstrations of the full range of their capabilities.


Real-world Scenarios

The PDV is set up to demonstrate a number of different deployment scenarios, from a PDS to ceiling and raised floor scenarios.  Fence and buried perimeter detection is demonstrated, as well.



Centralized Management

From a single installation to a global rollout, explore the full range of our solutions to see how they are all designed to be managed in a single pane of glass.  

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Data Security Appliances for the US Federal Government.  Used in Protective Distribution Systems (PDS) and long distance data security applications.

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Data Security Appliances for the commercial sector.  Used in Data Center and long distance data security applications.

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Perimeter Security Appliances for intrusion detection in fence and buried applications.  Used to detect intrusions on perimeters of all sizes.

The Network Integrity Systems Product Display Van (PDV) is designed to show partners and customers how our solutions can be deployed and to demonstrate them in live scenarios.

The PDV is not just a static display with some mockups.  You will see our solutions powered-up and working in different deployment scenarios.  

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Bobbie Osborne

PDV Coordinator

Bobbie Osborne

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